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Several people requested that I post a link to a running instance of the HAppS code that I developed here over several posts. One person was nice enough to actually offer me the use of a server. So the demo is now up and running. It's not at all meant to be user friendly, since it's just a demo of the basic HAppS capabilities. So here are a list of links that are useful. Hopefully this will be useful.


Unknown said…
I've noticed that if you reboot the app, when it comes back up whoever was logged back in before it went down stays logged in. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug.

Apropos, thanks for your directions on how to get a happs app to start automatically on reboot. Snipping from your private communications...

cp /etc/init.d/ssh /etc/init.d/happs-app

edit that to do the right thing with Main.exe executable.

install it into the linux init with

sudo update-rc.d happs-app multiuser

this is all following the docu at


(Works at least for deb/ubuntu.)

(For what it's worth: I'm the guy that donated my server for the demo, so both mightybyte and I are running on the same box.)
mightybyte said…
Yes, that session persistence is a feature. Two things cause that. First, because Session is in HAppS state, it is persisted across server restarts. Second, this app creates a cookie that does not expire. If either the recorded session, or the session cookie went away, it would be the same as logging out.
Unknown said…
Ok, two feature requests.

1) logout
2) actual email authentication (happs sends you an email with a link, you click on it, your email is authenticated.)


3) profit :)
Unknown said…
with your permission, I put your happs sample app into my google project hosting account at

happs tutorial

where I hope to work on it further, perhaps in collaboration with you or others who would like to flesh out the skeleton.
Unknown said…
Well the links initially posted no longer work -- I think my server ip changed or something changed, can't remember.

However the ideas were incorporated into a demo that can be viewed at happs tutorial. Much of the code there is based on what I found here, though by now extensively tweaked.

This demo is also installable via cabal as is explained in one of the early pages of the tutorial

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