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To Template Or Not To Template

Since developing the tutorial in the last few posts, I have been working on developing a real web app in Haskell with HAppS. Now that I know my way around the basics of HAppS, I need to move on to generating actual HTML (as opposed to the plaint text messages that the tutorial used). Before starting, I had to decide what methodology I would use to generate the HTML. I'm new to web development, so I may be missing something, but as I see it there are three main possibilities: Serve static pages that use AJAX to load dynamic content Dynamically generate pages with Haskell and HAppS Use Haskell to populate static page templates with dynamic content Let's first take a look at the last option, static templates. Most of the web frameworks that I've seen (ROR and several Python frameworks) use templates. The main argument for them seems to be that templates allow a separation (MVC style) of the view and controller. The page template defines the view and the Python c

HAppS Demo

Several people requested that I post a link to a running instance of the HAppS code that I developed here over several posts. One person was nice enough to actually offer me the use of a server. So the demo is now up and running. It's not at all meant to be user friendly, since it's just a demo of the basic HAppS capabilities. So here are a list of links that are useful. - A login page where you can create a new user or log in. - A page that shows you what user you are logged in as. - A page that displays a list of all the users in the system. Hopefully this will be useful.