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Happstack: An Interview with Matthew Elder

HAppS development has been all but stopped for almost a year (as have my posts about it). Recently Matthew Elder took up the flag with a new project called Happstack . I thought this would be a good time to catch up with Matthew and find out why he is doing this and where he is going with it. So without further ado, here is Matthew Elder on Happstack. Is Happstack a fork or a rename? Happstack is both a fork and a rename :) But it is not a fork in the traditional sense -- the original code in Lemmih's words (the only active developer left) is orphaned. So even though we are forking the code base to a new repository under the name "Happstack", the original project is not being worked on so it is more of a direction change than a fork. Why are you trying to take over? What happened to the previous developers? The previous developers tapered off over the last year and the only one left is Lemmih. I started out by submitting a couple of patches -- nothing fancy -- just